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Core live chat capabilities without the big price tag

About Us

Makassan is an alternative to Intercom's live chat widget, powered by the feature rich open source system of Papercups.

  • One powerful dashboard
  • Brand and customize your widget
  • Save your developers time

Makassan are a people indigenous to Indonesia who ventured to Northern Australia around the same time Europeans did for trading. They are traders that made contact with the aboriginals of Australia. And here, we now help you trade information between your company and your customers.

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Get a live chat widget breaking the bank

The live chat widget is quick to configure and install. Never overpay for live chat software again!

  • Coordinate and reply to messages over chat, email, Slack, and SMS.
  • A privacy-focused, open-source alternative to Intercom.
  • Customizable chat widget
  • Incredible value for the same performance
  • Powered by
  • 30 Seconds Installation

    You can install this live chat widget on your website in 30 seconds. Check out the installation video.


    Compare with other live chat software, you will find that Makassan is as budget friendly as possible.

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • What is your pricing?

      Please take a look at Pricing.

    • An incredibly feature rich open source live chat software that was backed by Y-Combinator. In fact they also have their hosted version with more features if you wish to use them. Makassan is a trimmed down version where the core essential live chat widget is the main product.

    • In order to keep the cost as low as possible, for websites with low traffic, there is no need to pay an insane amount of money for a simple live chat widget for a website, and so with less requests, you can share a server with other users. Your Makassan instance runs in 2 containers, isolated from other users.

    • Absolutely! Every user runs in their own 2 containers and nobody can view the other user's data. Containers are isolated and the data storage is separated by folders.

    • That is up to you do decide and if your website needs it. For example for this website, there is no need for a sole tenant server since the traffic isn't high enough. Data consideration is a non issue because other users on shared servers cannot access each other's data either. Papercups's software is incredibly efficient and can run multiple instances in a single virtual server.


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